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Omer Counting Journal

by Rabbi Shai Gluskin

Shai Gluskin, Michel Jichlinsky & Kahlua Im Chalav, Ben Gurion Airport, Lod Israel
Photo by Katherine Lavine, June 1978

Today is the 49th day of the omer (May 25-26, 2001) which is malkhut in malkhut:

Going on the Journey

The funny thing about being so close (to Sinai, to God, to a friend, to a dog) is that the feeling of closeness is often connected to some kind of leaving. We often don't even know how close we are until we have to leave.

"Lekh lekha m'artzekha - Go to yourself out of your land." (Gen. 12:1)

The Sefat Emet (19th century hasidic commentator) wrote in response to God's call to Abraham, "The human being is called a walker, always having to go from one rung to another." You have to leave your own "land" to get to your own self.

But what about the pain of leaving? Remember it, photograph it, cry about it.

Know too that the closeness, and your memory of it, will forever contribute to your ability to feel God's presence in this world.

This completes the counting of the omer. Hadran Alakh Sefirat Ha'Omer. Oh, omer counting, may I come back to you again next year!

Chag Sameiach.

Shai Gluskin
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