Omer Counting Journal

by Rabbi Shai Gluskin

Sifu (Teacher) Tseui Wei and Me (Oakland, CA, June 1981)

Today is the 32st day of the omer (May 9-10, 2001) which is netzach in hod:

Right Thigh --> Left Thigh

In Tai Chi class Tsuei Wei started us off with the hardest exercise first. "Feet parallel shoulder length apart, hands in front, elbow down, shoulder down. Now sit." But there was no chair. We lowered our bottoms with our backs still vertical as far as we could go and for as long as we could hold the position. Our thighs burned. Tsuei Wei's reassurance was that our thighs were the largest muscle in the body.

The burning in my thighs led to their strengthening and pushed my center of gravity lower and lower. Who would have thought that being lower was just what I needed to begin to soar?

Powerful inner calm.

Graceful outer strength.

Shai Gluskin
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