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Omer Counting Journal

by Rabbi Shai Gluskin

Shai Gluskin by West Lake, Hangzhou, China,
February, 1984 Photograph by Suzanne Pemberton

Today is the 46th day of the omer (May 23-24, 2001) which is netzach in malkhut:

It's a Long and Winding Road

The midrash says Moses spent 40 years in Egypt, then 40 years as a shepherd, and 40 years as the leader of the Jewish people. Netzach in Malchut correlates to the 40 years he was a shepherd. It was a period of deep learning, of inner work, and of not knowing what his ultimate life work would be.

The photograph shows a clear path bounded by the misty lake and trees. I am between the mist and the path. Though the path provides direction and clarity, the mist is also helpful. For the feet following the path are not the feet of a leader. The leader in me is still forming, and the mist is critical in helping my message to be birthed.


Shai Gluskin
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