Omer Counting Journal

by Rabbi Shai Gluskin

Pearl Ostrovsky Sewing, Ramat Aviv, Israel
Circa 1982 Photo by Shai Gluskin

Today is the 39th day of the omer (May 16-17, 2001) which is netzach in yesod:

Clarity Nurtured by Endurance

My grandmother was 87 in this photograph. She lived to be 98. Bobi Pearl had a very clear vision of what she wanted. And she had great endurance.

Her clarity and endurance didn't always ingratiate her to others. And it didn't always help in her assessments of people. But her comfort with herself motored a life fully lived.

On this day of netzach in yesod may we see the path ahead and practice knowing that it may take a long time in getting there. And that's okay!

Shai Gluskin
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