Omer Counting Journal

by Rabbi Shai Gluskin

Me in King Solomon's Mine (Jerusalem, February, 1978)

Today is the 31st day of the omer (May 8-9, 2001) which is tiferet in hod:

Majesty in Resonance

Tiferet in hod is like when the king comes to the prophet and says, "I do get what you are saying. My kingdom is corrupt. I'm a part of the corruption in spite of my best intentions." The prophet, for her part, deeply listens to the king and calls off the activists. There is no guarantee of what will happen next. But it's a moment of magisterial humility and prophetic quiescence.

Be open to the fact that those with complaints against you may be right.

Allow for the possibility that those against whom you are complaining may actually be listening.

Shai Gluskin
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