This Child is Me

by Yehuda Atlas

Below is a sample poem from a lovely book of children's poetry. My 6 and 3 year-old children both adore this book. I read them the Hebrew then translate. It has old-fashioned but compelling drawings by Dani Kerman. The author relates extremely well to the plight of both parents and children, thereby pleasing both. A rare fete.

I found a web site where you can order the book. I've never used the web site so I can't vouch for their reliability: http://www.israeliwishes.com/IsraeliWishes/Hebrew_Children.html

Rabbi Shai

(Translated by Shai Gluskin. Note: This translation doesn't attempt a poetic rendering. It simply is a resource for help with the meaning and vocabulary.)

Don't explain if I didn't ask.
Don't call me in the middle of a game, especially if I've just started.

Things that I don't love:
Don't force me to eat.
When I want to help, don't tell me "You can't do that."
Don't yell at me in front of other people.
And don't take me to visit people where I'll have nothing to do.

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