You can buy the CD "The Sixteenth Lamb" at Israel-Music.com as well as hear part of this track. I don't know where to buy the book. I bought it in Israel. The drawings are wonderful. If you know where to buy it, please e-mail me. You might be able to order it at Steimatsky's in Los Angeles at: 818-708-2347. Ask for the book, "Hakeves Hashisha Asar: Shirim Vsiporim Lyeladim" by Yonatan Gefen. It's published by Dvir.. The copy I have was printed in 1992.

Our whole family loves the CD and the book as well. The kids have been listening since they were 6 and 3. Now they are 8 and 5 and still love it.

What I love about this first song is that it is reflective about the creative process in a way that is totally accessible to kids. Its modeling for kids the process of creativity in a way that is both honest be alluring. I want to write a song after listening to this one.


How is a Song Born?

by Yonatan Gefen
drawings by Yael Lior

From the CD "Hakeves Hashishah Asar - The Sixteenth Lamb"

How is A Song Born?

How is a song born?
Like a baby.
At the beginning it hurts
Afterward it comes out
And everyone is happy,
And suddenly --
Wow -- it's great!
He walks on his own.
How is a song born?
Like a baby.
At the beginning it hurts
And then it comes out.